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Patents - hold by the companies SGPTH Life Science and Artroa

Artroa AB and SGPTH AB files patent applications in countries that are considered to have great market potential

or are otherwise considered to be key markets for the products.

The companies own three published patent families and include a total of about 15 granted patents in various countries and additional pending patents.

Patent work is handled by Noréns Patentbyrå AB.

The patents protect a method of treatment of osteoarthritis and companion diagnostics.



SGPTH Life Science AB has secured two patents aimed at early-stage osteoarthritis diagnosis.

These patents leverage cartilage-driven neo-epitope of Cartilage Oligomeric Matrix Protein (COMP156)

and bone-driven neo-epitope of biglycan (BGN262) biomarkers.​


Artroa AB has secured founded a patent for treating osteoarthritis with a combination of 3 pharmaceutical drugs with disease modifying properties.


The three patent can be used together and serve as a Companion diagnostics:

  • Identify patients who are likely to benefit from a particular treatment.

  • Identify patients likely to be at increased risk for serious side effects as a result of treatment with a particular treatment.

  • Monitor response to treatment for the purpose of adjusting treatment to achieve improved safety or effectiveness.


The three published patent families are:

  • COMP peptide (diagnosis), WO2017/216289

  • Combination treatment of osteoarthritis WO2020/084113

  • Biglycan Peptide (diagnosis) WO2022/268940

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