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SLU Holding AB

SLU Holdings' role is to contribute to the utilization of knowledge and research results from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) for the benefit of society. Together with researchers, employees, and students at SLU, we take responsibility for creating sustainable solutions. SLU Holding AB is a state-owned company managed by SLU. On behalf of SLU, we operate the university's innovation office. Our basic services are free of charge for SLU's researchers, students, and staff.

Uppsala University Invest AB

Uppsala University Innovation assist with advice, networking, and financing to ensure that new smart solutions reach society more quickly. For over 500 years, Uppsala University has been a driving force for research, education, and innovation. The university's breadth of subjects provides a unique opportunity to contribute to solving major societal challenges. Additionally, the academic freedom allows academic researchers to own the results of their research, providing them the opportunity to, for example, patent inventions and sell the rights or start companies to commercialize promising ideas.


Länsförsäkringar is an insurance company that offers banking and insurance services for individuals, businesses, and farmers.

Beijer Invest

Beijerinvest is a family-owned investment company with no exit horizon that owns and develops well-managed companies with a strong entrepreneurial culture. The focus is on long-term value creation by retaining the companies' entrepreneurial spirit and, in addition, adding leadership, knowledge, and financial resources.

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